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Depression & Anxiety Visits

Depression is a common and serious mood disorder.  The symptoms of depression affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities.  Teenage depression is on the rise.  Researchers estimate that about 20% of today's teens will experience depression, with girls at higher risk than boys.

Signs of teenage depression include the following:

  • Personality changes such as persistent sadness, frustration, or anger.

  • Loss of usual interests and not participating in favorite activities.

  • Withdrawal or isolation from family and/or friends.

  • Changes in grades, personal hygiene habits or sleep patterns.

  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches or muscle aches.

  • Cutting and other self-harming behaviors.

  • High-risk behaviors involving alcohol, drugs, or sexual activity.

Anxiety disorder is diagnosed in someone who experiences prolonged episodes of anxious symptoms.  Those symptoms may include panic attacks, phobias, heart palpitations, or general anxiety.  Anxiety affects everyday activities and relationships. 

If you suspect your child may be experiencing depression or anxiety, first support them with love and validation.  He or she needs to know that his or her concerns are valid and need to be shared.  Our pediatricians are always available for consultations regarding any concerns you may have about your child's physical or mental health.

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