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Asthma Visits

Asthma is defined as a condition in which a person's airways become reversibly obstructed.  Asthma is classified into two different levels of severity, ranging from intermittent to persistent and mild to severe.  Bronchodilator medication (usually some form of albuterol) is the most commonly used asthma medication.  It gives quick relief by acting immediately to open the tightened airways.  Controller medication is prescribed for people with more frequent or severe asthma symptoms.  Controller medications decrease the airway inflammation that results from recurrent bronchial tightening and that contributes to ongoing asthma symptoms.  The most common controller medications are inhaled steroids like Flovent, Qvar, and Budesonide. 

Each of our physicians is comfortable diagnosing and managing childhood and adolescent asthma.  Each of our asthmatic patients is provided with an individualized written asthma action plan and are seen every 3-6 months for symptom management and needed medication adjustments.

Feel free to call your child's office to schedule a visit to discuss your concerns about your child and asthma.

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