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ADHD Visits

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) cannot be diagnosed in a brief conversation nor by looking at a checklist, although these can often be helpful in supporting the diagnosis of ADHD.  We highly recommend a consultation appointment with your child's physician to discuss symptoms and concerns.  In some instances, our pediatricians can diagnose ADHD after a thorough history and evaluation. On other occasions, we will recommend a psychological evaluation be performed by a child psychologist or another specialist with expertise in ADHD.  The best management of ADHD has been shown to be a combination of behavioral/environmental modification and a medication regimen.  We do not take the use of ADHD medications lightly and require close monitoring of our patients for whom these are prescribed.  Our patients who take medication for ADHD are required to see their physician every 3 months.  Call to schedule an appointment.

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